Companionship is among the most common senior care services you can enlist for your loved one. It is also perhaps one of the services you bypassed for another service you deemed more important when arranging for their care.

But companionship or companion care is more than a way to address their boredom or keep them entertained— it is the heart of every senior care service and something that all seniors must have access to.

This is because companionship is the only senior care service dedicated to addressing the feelings of loneliness and isolation that our senior loved ones are prone to having during their golden years.

Aside from being a pivotal service, for this reason, there are more hidden benefits of companionship that you may not have known about. Some of these include:

  1. It has preventive benefits against cognitive decline, specifically dementia. This is made possible because of the everyday conversation you can expect between your senior loved ones and their aide or caregiver.
  2. It can give everyone in the family peace of mind and the reassurance that your senior loved one is in good company and well-attended.
  3. It can hasten your senior loved one’s recovery process if they have just undergone surgery.
  4. It can reduce your senior loved one’s risk for developing depression and anxiety as a result of the social interaction and stimulation that comes with having a dedicated companion.

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