Many seniors often reject the idea of home care. Comfort Ease Home Care, a trusted non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, OH, lists down some common senior objections and what you can do to overcome them.

  • I do not need in-home assistance.No one wants to been seen as incapable. And while you may notice a decline in your parent’s day-to-day functioning, they may not see it – or they may be unwilling to admit it.

    What you can do: Be sensitive to your parent’s feelings. Some seniors may find it offensive when you say, ‘You need help’. They may argue that they have lived independently for a long time and they do not need help. To avoid this argument, tell them that you want to help instead.

    Also, most parents don’t want their children to be worried, so be sure to address that concern too. Let them know that you will have better peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the care and support they need at home.

  • I do not want a stranger in my home.Most people do not feel comfortable welcoming a stranger into their home. This is a common objection that most seniors have when it comes to home care.

    What you can do: Assure your parent that they will have the opportunity to meet and interview any potential caregiver. Also, remind them that you will only use a reputable provider of personal home care services in OH – one that has a rigorous screening and hiring process.

  • I cannot afford it. Money can be a sensitive subject. So first, establish who will pay for home care services. Will it be your parent? Will it only be you? Or if you have siblings, will they be willing to split the costs with you?

    What you can do: Review your parent’s insurance policy to find out if they are eligible for home care services, and which ones. If your parent is a veteran, they may qualify for certain services too. Also, contact your local community aging and disability resource center to find out if your parent qualifies for any available senior programs.