Times, when patients do not take their medications as prescribed, is one of the biggest challenges preventing patients from getting better. An average of 50% of treatment failures and 25% of hospitalizations in the country is caused by this.

This is also fairly common. According to the American Medical Association, among the most common reasons for missed medications include simple forgetfulness, miscommunication, and the sheer number of medications your loved one is expected to take will complicate the care plan. Also, some other factors may include the cost of medications, concerns of dependency, and fear of the potential side effects, among others.

So how do you ensure that your senior loved one can take their medication as prescribed and according to schedule?

Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Use a reminder device.
    A medication reminder is a straightforward way to stay on track. You have many options for this, including a physical or digital pill tracker app, a pill bottle with an automatic ‘last opened’ stamp and even the built-in reminder in your phone.
  2. Consider having their medication compounded in your local pharmacy.
    Compounding can modify their medication into a more agreeable taste. Compounding also significantly cuts the number of medications such that they would only have to take, say 3 of the 6 daily medications they take.
  3. Drive down the importance of taking their medication.
    Explain to them why this is necessary and what are the consequences of missing their medication.
  4. Involve them in their medication routine.
    Have them decide and plan how they’re going to incorporate it into their daily routine. Do not just hand them their medication.

Which among the following measures do you do? Let us know what strategies worked for you!