Respite: Caring for the Caregivers


Being a family caregiver is a demanding job and wanting to take a break from it is normal. It is a need that should be addressed. Most caregivers think that seeking help means they failed at providing care or that they are selfish for thinking about themselves. These are wrong notions that should be corrected. Getting respite services will benefit the care recipient just as much as their caregiver. Respite care will provide them with a break from their caregiving responsibilities and the time to relax and unwind. It’s a chance for them to take time for themselves and indulge [...]

Respite: Caring for the Caregivers2023-03-01T09:58:04-05:00

Tips to Improve Your Loved Ones Medication Reminders


Times, when patients do not take their medications as prescribed, is one of the biggest challenges preventing patients from getting better. An average of 50% of treatment failures and 25% of hospitalizations in the country is caused by this. This is also fairly common. According to the American Medical Association, among the most common reasons for missed medications include simple forgetfulness, miscommunication, and the sheer number of medications your loved one is expected to take will complicate the care plan. Also, some other factors may include the cost of medications, concerns of dependency, and fear of the potential side effects, [...]

Tips to Improve Your Loved Ones Medication Reminders2023-03-01T09:58:18-05:00
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