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Personalized Home Care Just for You


People want to live for as long as possible, but growing older also has its list of challenges like illnesses and disabilities. Many seniors often need someone to help them in their day-to-day living such as light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, and even as simple as home care companion. Regardless of age or ability, there are many people who will benefit from personal home care services. They can be: Seniors who need assistance or transportation to their appointment Those who are recovering from medical events like surgeries and injuries People with disability especially those who need mobility [...]

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Companionship is a Great Way to Keep Seniors Safe


Do you like being alone? A lot of people don’t― and it’s understandable. Being alone at home can lead to danger in all forms. Comfort Ease Home Care explains that companion care is a good solution to this dilemma, because: It protects them from isolationDanger doesn’t only come from outside forces. Other times, the risk we face is within us. This scenario especially applies to depression.Thankfully, this can be easily avoided by taking the right precautions. One of which is through the help of companion care. Even a short conversation daily will lift up your senior parent’s mood. It prevents [...]

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Should You Accompany an Older Adult to the Doctor?


The elderly are in the stage where illnesses and diseases have become more common. If you are taking care of an aging loved one at home, you know how grandma or grandpa can be susceptible to health issues. Because of that, our senior family members need to visit their doctor regularly. But should you or should you not accompany an older adult to their appointments? As a non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, Ohio, we say you should. Here are the reasons why. Mobility Difficulties For many seniors, age-related illnesses also result in mobility issues. When they cannot move or [...]

Should You Accompany an Older Adult to the Doctor?2023-02-21T16:10:00-05:00
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