There’s no question that our goal as family members is to provide senior loved ones a safe and comfortable environment to receive care in. More often than not, seniors choose to remain and stay healthy in their own homes because it’s where they get daily support and love. Comfort Ease Home Care is a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH that understands how difficult it can be to transform the home into the ideal care environment that addresses your loved one’s needs and goals. We give you three simple tips to accomplish that:

  1. Keep your home clean and organized.
    Cleaning and organizing is something we do even without an aging loved one in our home. However, it’s also something that should be done more frequently when someone we love relies on it for safety and comfort. Make sure to clear stairways, hallways, and pathways of any clutter as these could become fall hazards for your senior family member. Keep in mind that seniors are likely to be in a fragile state of health, so keeping the house clean ensures that you help them steer clear of bacteria and germs that could potentially develop into sickness.
  2. Implement the necessary home safety measures.
    Fall hazards are a senior’s worst enemy. You need to install grab bars or handlebars in places where it’s highly likely for your aging loved one to slip, trip, or fall. Non-slip mats can also help prevent injury and even be lifesaving when placed in bathrooms or kitchens.
  3. Make sure you can contact a reliable individual to check on your loved one.
    There are times when we can’t avoid leaving our loved ones at home alone. In such cases, when you’re running late from work or worried about something happening, make sure that you have a neighbor or friend you can call to check on your loved one.

Take note that you can partner with Home Care Providers to handle all these things and more! What other tips on senior home safety can you share with us? You’re more than welcome to write them below.