How Can You Help a Senior Loved One with Meal Prep?

Nutritious meals give rise to better health. Comfort Ease Home Care shares some easy ways about how you can make meal prep easier for a senior:

  • Take note of their diet.Did your aging parent’s doctor leave any dietary instructions to follow? If so, list them down. You can use that as a guide when grocery shopping for ingredients.
  • Join them when getting groceries.Drive over to the store before the rush hour starts. This helps your loved one follow their own pace when shopping. You can also double-check the expiration on food items to ensure it is fresh.If you can’t accompany them, call us. Our Personal Home Care Services in OH will be your proxy for the day.
  • Label the goods.The fine print on grocery items isn’t always easy to read. Some of them are too small to be deciphered by a senior’s eyes.To make things more convenient, attach a sticky note with a legible text. This makes kitchen organization and meal prep a breeze. Your aging parent won’t have to second guess the ingredients they use.
  • Add gadgets to the kitchen.Is your senior loved one still using kitchen appliances from decades ago? Swap them out with newer models. The technology in recent kitchen gadgets is sure to make meal prep a lot easier for your senior.

Do you need an extra pair of hands in the kitchen? Our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH is here to help. Let us know of your most convenient time and we’ll drive over in a jiffy. You can trust that our staff is warm, friendly, and sociable. Call us now to learn more about your options.