Does your senior loved one enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking for the family? It won’t be surprising when they do. However, the kitchen can be a risky avenue for seniors, especially if they don’t have the company of another family member or a Home Care Provider.

These risks can be reduced when your kitchen will be renovated to suit the preferences and safety of your aging loved one. Here are our recommendations:

  • Brighten Up
    Ensure that the lighting in the kitchen is bright enough for your senior loved one to move about. Bright lighting helps them to see things clearly and prevent them from tripping on something accidentally.
  • Install Electric Stove
    Instead of a gas stove, electric stoves are safer alternatives to prevent fire. Furthermore, electric stoves can change to a brighter color, particularly red, when it’s hot. This color signals your aging loved one that it’s hot and they should not touch it without hand gloves.
  • Reconstruct Cabinets
    As a provider of Personal Home Care Services in OH, we also recommend that you reconstruct the cabinets for supplies and kitchen tools. Build them in a way that your aging loved one doesn’t need to reach very far. Doing so can cause imbalance and fall accidents.
  • Replace Glass Dishes
    Since we can’t stop accidents from happening, let us implement other preventive measures instead. Replace the glass dishes with unbreakable ones so that when they fall, your loved one doesn’t accidentally step on sharp debris.

At Comfort Ease Home Care, we understand that caring for the welfare and safety of your aging loved one is your priority. We want you to achieve that with the compassionate assistance of our team. As a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH, we can provide you with professionals who can help you ensure that your aging loved one is safe and well even when they are alone at home.

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