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Smart Ways to Reduce the Risk for Hospital Admission


Finally, you’re out of the hospital. How do you ensure that you don’t go back anytime soon? Getting discharge is good news. But, you are still not out of the woods. A lapse in your care can send you back to the hospital. To avoid that, Comfort Ease Home Care has put together tips to support your full recovery: Follow your prescription. For your treatment to be successful, you need to take your medicine at the right time. If you have a tendency to forget about it, consider setting an alarm on your phone. This nifty trick will remind you [...]

Smart Ways to Reduce the Risk for Hospital Admission2023-02-21T16:06:46-05:00

Hospital Readmission: 4 Ways You Can Prevent It


You’ve just been discharged from the hospital. Would you risk being sent back? Comfort Ease Home Care has several suggestions on how you can avoid hospital readmission and secure your full recovery: Attend the follow-up appointment After being discharged from the hospital, your doctor will most likely book you for a checkup. Physicians often do this so they can assess your overall health condition, determine how well your treatment is working and if changes need to be made to it. The more diligent you are with following your physician’s advice, the better your prognosis will be. Understand the condition What [...]

Hospital Readmission: 4 Ways You Can Prevent It2023-02-21T16:13:16-05:00
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