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Respite: Caring for the Caregivers


Being a family caregiver is a demanding job and wanting to take a break from it is normal. It is a need that should be addressed. Most caregivers think that seeking help means they failed at providing care or that they are selfish for thinking about themselves. These are wrong notions that should be corrected. Getting respite services will benefit the care recipient just as much as their caregiver. Respite care will provide them with a break from their caregiving responsibilities and the time to relax and unwind. It’s a chance for them to take time for themselves and indulge [...]

Respite: Caring for the Caregivers2023-03-01T09:58:04-05:00

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Respite Care


A lot of family caregivers shy away from the concept of respite care. You believe that it is your personal responsibility to look after a loved one. While there is nothing wrong with that, Comfort Ease Home Care explains why you shouldn’t close your mind to respite care. You need to reach out to other people. When was the last time you’ve had a chat with your family and friends? If you can barely count the days with two hands, it’s time to take a breather. Staying socially connected helps you stay safe from depression and burnout. You need to [...]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Respite Care2023-02-21T14:51:54-05:00

Why Family Caregivers Need Respite Care


Being a family caregiver is both rewarding and demanding. On one hand, you have the fulfillment of being hands-on in caring for your aging loved one. On the other hand, they will have care needs that might be beyond your means. These are the common situations that lead to burnout. Yet, if you want to give quality care to your loved one, you would not want burnout in the picture. The way to address this is by having a personal break. But how can you rest when your loved one needs your assistance? This is where respite care providers from [...]

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Respite Care: Why Do You Need It?


Respite care is an arrangement for licensed caregivers to fill in for family caregivers temporarily. The main objective for respite care services is to allow the primary caregivers to rest, run important errands, go on vacation, or even get a full night’s sleep. As a non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, Ohio, we provide respite care for dedicated family caregivers. We know how important it is for family caregivers to provide personal care to their loved ones. Because of this, we give quality care to give them peace of mind while they are away from caregiving duties. Let us provide [...]

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