Wet floors, hard surfaces, and limited mobility spell a lot of trouble. How can you make the bathroom safer for your senior loved one? Comfort Ease Home Care brings up a few tips you can follow:

  • Add grab bars.
    This and a bathing seat will do the trick of keeping your loved one balanced. Showers or baths and toilet breaks will be a lot easier to manage.
  • Take out throw rugs.
    The intention behind these products is good. But, it sometimes can be a cause for slippage instead. If you aren’t keen on getting rid of these permanently, it’s okay. You can also attach adhesives at the bottom of the rug or mat. This keeps the item secure from sliding off the surface and inducing falls. Get the job done faster with light homemaking from a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH like us!
  • Place enough lighting.
    Shadows can play a trick with one’s vision. In the case of the elderly, it can cause them to misstep and lose their balance. Adding extra lights in the bathroom is a simple solution that solves this problem.
  • Clear the floor.
    This applies not just to clutter, but to wet surfaces as well. Before your loved one sets into the bathroom, wipe away any moisture on the floor. You can also install non-slip pads to increase traction.
  • Get Personal Home Care Services in Ohio.
    This is especially useful during the times when you can’t be by your loved one’s side. Having a trained caregiver gives you peace of mind. Aside from personal care, we can also help you run errands and prevent falls. Talk to our staff and enjoy the service as you like it.