Fall hazards pose a lot of risks to the elderly. If your loved one isn’t careful, they can suffer from injury and bone fractures. Luckily, fall hazards are easy to remove from your home. To do that, Comfort Ease Home Care shares that you should:

  • Tidy up the electrical cords
    We don’t often notice the wires that connect from our appliances to the wall socket. Since they are away from our direct line of sight, tripping on them is not impossible. Remove the risk by coiling up the cords with a tie. This lessens the clutter in your home too.
  • Give pets limited access
    An energetic pup is a fun animal companion. Sadly, their sudden bursts of energy might act as a fall hazard to seniors. Set boundaries at home to keep all your loved ones protected.
  • Tend to wet surfaces ASAP
    When there’s moisture, slippage is bound to happen. Keep the bathroom and kitchen floors dry before your senior loved one uses the room. You can also ask help from our Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH. We deliver light housekeeping on top of elderly care.
  • Check the footwear
    Ill-fitting footwear is not only uncomfortable. It can also affect your senior parent’s gait and balance. Make sure you give them the right size of shoes! This encourages an older adult to be more physically active too.

Another way to prevent fall hazards is with the help of Personal Home Care Services in OH.

Rest assured when you have us looking after your senior parent. We won’t only give them mobility assistance, but we’ll care for their other needs as well. Get a full list of what we have to offer by checking our website.