Being a family caregiver is a demanding job and wanting to take a break from it is normal. It is a need that should be addressed. Most caregivers think that seeking help means they failed at providing care or that they are selfish for thinking about themselves. These are wrong notions that should be corrected. Getting respite services will benefit the care recipient just as much as their caregiver.

Respite care will provide them with a break from their caregiving responsibilities and the time to relax and unwind. It’s a chance for them to take time for themselves and indulge in activities that would help them relieve and unburden themselves of the stress that comes with being a caregiver. They can also do personal errands like shopping, exercising, getting a haircut, or going to their doctor’s appointment with the peace of mind knowing that another caring person is spending time with their loved one.

For care recipients, respite care can provide them with the opportunity to interact and socialize with other people, spend time in a safe and supportive environment, and participate in activities that are designed and intended for them.

Respite care can also be provided by anyone—a friend, another family member, an adult daycare, or a respite care provider like Comfort Ease Home Care.

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